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The idea that property investment is reserved for those with money and experience is a major misconception – as is the idea that there are limited property investment methods.

At Hanworth Homes, we offer a wide range of property investment opportunities with reliable returns. None requires deep pockets, or deep wells of expertise: with as little as £10,000 our partners can get involved property investing

 We  offer two routes to  invest in property with us;

Secured Term Lending offers investors the chance to directly lend money for a property project. It’s a short-term commitment (6months to 18months), the minimum level of investment is £10,000, and all funds are secured against the projects land and property. You always know who – and which property – you’re investing in,

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and you benefit from average returns of 9.8% p.a.

Development Funding gives you an opportunity to actually own a share in a property – along with other investors. You get a share in rental income and a share of any capital growth profits from the eventual refinance and sale. You can expect an average gross rental yield of 8.4% p.a. and an average net dividend of 13.6% p.a after all costs and tax.